Special Order Submission Form

To special order your very own AR Jewelry piece please follow these simple instructions. First fill out the form below as complete as you can. In the"special order instructions" box please describe the pendant, charms, gemstones, beads or whatever you want as the focal point of your piece. You can be precise by stating "I want a large silver cross" or you can be vague by stating "I want a cross necklace". Being vague gives us more creative freedom giving you more mock-ups to choose from. Being precise gives us a clear idea and narrows narrows the mock-ups to choose from. We are also giving you the opportunity to submit images/photos of pieces or designs of what you want your piece to look like. You can also use this to upload images of color schemes, bead types, chain types etc. We also have this feature so if you wish to choose a customized Dog Tag, you can send us the image/photo or words you would like processed on the Dog Tag. For any questions please contact us at ARProDesigns@yahoo.com. Shipping is free and there is no extra charge for a special order however once the final design has been approved by you and you receive it but decide to return it, there will be a 40% re-stocking/loss fee for the item and it must meet our return policy guidelines. Which means the item must be confirmed for return from 30 days from shipping date. The item must be in its' originally condition. You must have proof of purchasing the product. We are lenient with the invoice, as we can look it up ourselves but for inventory, accounting and management purposes we prefer you include a copy of your invoice included with your return. We do apologize for a high re-stocking fee so if we feel we can re-sell your piece as is we will lower the percentage to 20%. We will notify you with all the details once and if we get to that point.

How it works in simple terms: Fill out the form and submit. We will respond to your submission asap. We may ask a few questions for clarification, so there will be some back and forth emailing on certain special orders. You will then receive mock-up design of your special ordered piece including the price(s). You tell us what you like from the mock-ups. The final piece is sent to you via email for one final confirmation. Any changes needed should be discussed then. Once you approve we will send you a link for payment. Once payment is received your item is shipped out. This process takes anywhere from 2-5 days.