"Goddess of the Beach"

Credits: Photography & Productions by DGP Productions (Doug Gordon, Harry Ammons & Amy Radzik). Production Manager (detail) by Amy Radzik. Idea/Concept by Doug G. & Amy R. Location; private home on famous moonlight Beach, Encinitas, CA. provided by Rachel Brody. CA.  Hair by Doug Gordon - Eva Marie. Makeup by Heather Graff. Makeup touch-ups & detail by Amy Radzik. Wardrobe by Amy Radzik - Eva Marie Jewelry by AR Jewelry. Props provided by Amy Radzik - Doug Gordon. Car provided by Cardiff Classics in Encinitas, CA.  Pictures displayed are test shots in prep for shoot.

Credits: Accessories & jewelry designed and provided by AR Jewelry. Photography by Doug Gordon. Hair by Doug Gordon . Makeup by Amy Radzik. Production Manager" Amy Radzik. Concept idea by AR & DGP. Models featured are Amy Radzik & Ryan Stelzner.

"Gypsy Soul"

"The Bombshell Look is Back"

This particular photo shoot was on location at the famous Cardiff Beach and by Swami's, a famous surf spot. We were preparing to do a shoot for a yoga clothing line so we were doing a dry run. I always use my storyboards then during the rapid dry run I use these photos to critique so the shoot is flawless.

The concept behind this shoot was that the yoga clothing made you feel like a powerful force when wearing it and you felt like you could take over the world and be worshiped for wearing this designers clothing. So I planned the beach for location and the inner goddess was released. This was one of my funnest and favorite shoots to do as it was on my turf, I loved the clothing and I had never felt as free as I did that day in my life. Perhaps the clothing worked. 

Credits: Photography, Doug Gordon. Hair, Doug Gordon. Wardrobe by Maria Elena. Props and accessories by Amy Radzik. Model featured, Amy Radzik.

The "Gypsy Soul" shoot took place in Carlsbad, CA. at the Forum. Donning a wardrobe from Tilly's and featuring Boutique 1220. The concept is a modern day gypsy; storyboards by A. Radzik.  These photos were taken during production run through.

The Bombshell Look is Back photo shoot:

This is a tribute to  Douglas Gordon, owner of DGP Productions. A re-creation of life in the 1960's-1970's that promotes several different companies. Inspired by many iconic women, Brigitte Bardot/Rachel Brody became the muse. This shoot was on location at a private home by the famous Moonlight Beach in SD., CA.